Behavioral experiments.
No code.

Online research made easy with Psychstudio experiment builder

  • Say goodbye to code, even for the most complex experiments

  • Build compound stimuli with spatial and temporal counterbalancing

  • Collaborate and share with colleagues, students and research assistants

  • Present stimuli and measure reaction time with accuracy and precision

  • Create linguistic experiments with powerful text manipulation tools

Researchers love Psychstudio

Intuitive, user-friendly interface

What you see is what you get. See your study and its components come to life as you build. Intelligent interface design and helpful hints throughout help you keep track of the big picture while you work on the important details. Setting up your online study has never been so easy.

No code. Ever.

Design experiments, manage participant groups, manipulate stimuli, set trial logic, factors and levels. Build multi-stimulus, multi-response, multi-event trials with millisecond precision and spatial and temporal counterbalancing. All this and more, without ever writing a single line of code!

Superior stimulus design

Compose compound stimuli, build component hierarchies, counterbalance, blend, randomize, and that's just the start! Combine images, audio, video and text to conduct a wide variety of studies, and build psycholinguistic experiments with powerful text manipulation tools.

Multiple device support

With support for a large range of desktop, laptop, tablet and phone displays, you can maximize your sample size by allowing people to participate in studies anywhere, any time, on any device.

Collaboration and sharing

Keep colleagues up-to-date by inviting them to view and edit your studies, and to download and analyze results. You can even transfer the ownership of a study to another user.

Dedicated personal support

When you need help, you'll be talking directly to the researchers and engineers who built the system. You'll also have access to a huge range of searchable reference material, step-by-step tutorials, and ready-built experiments.

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Behavioral experiments. No code.

Ben Howell
Ben Howell
Founder, Psychstudio