What Psychstudio is all about

At Psychstudio we believe there shouldn't be any technical barriers preventing researchers from conducting experiments on the web. Our mission is to empower non-programmers to conduct novel, complex and powerful experiments online.

We craft simple psychology tools that allow researchers to build and execute tests, surveys and experiments. Psychstudio is the only solution on the market capable of building complex online experiments without code. No code. Ever.

We're passionate about behavioral science and experimental design and we're excited to bring the power of online experimentation to everyone, through software, education and community.

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Our founding

Psychstudio: Photo of Ben Howell.

Hi, I'm Ben Howell, founder of Psychstudio.

In 2015 I built a one-off custom web experiment for linguistic research because I couldn't find any suitable web application that allowed me to build, host and execute such an experiment. To my surprise I found that it was almost impossible to build any novel online experiment on any existing platform without programming.

After finishing that project, I interviewed experimental psychologists, and collected papers and experiment designs from colleagues, friends, advisers and other professionals to confirm the need for a programming-free way to build and execute online experiments. Just over a year later, Psychstudio was founded to address the problem.

About Ben Howell

I'm a researcher and software engineer and have been building stimulus presentation and psychology experiment software since 2012. Before founding Psychstudio I spent a decade working in psychophysiology and design of experiments in the cyber-physical systems laboratory at CSIRO Australia. In my former position I built everything from systems that improve EEG-based detection of motor imagery using pupillometry, to brain computer interfaces for neuro-motor rehabilitation.

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Psychstudio: Photo of Ben Howell.