Important account security update

Customer and participant privacy and security have always been at the core of Psychstudio's values.

As part of our ongoing security efforts, we will be upgrading your account to include Multi-factor authentication (MFA) over the coming week.

What is Multi-factor authentication (MFA)?
With MFA, access is granted to a service only after presentation of two or more (correct) factors for authentication. Generally, MFA relies on: knowledge (something known only by the user), possession (something only the user has), and inherence (something only the user is). MFA adds extra protection to your account, because knowing a username and password is no longer enough to access your account.

How this affects you
Psychstudio is moving to a short-lived, one-time login link system. Once MFA is in place, upon logging in, you will be sent a one-time login link to your email address. Clicking this link will log you into your account.

We understand that moving to MFA will add an extra step in your login process, but security is of utmost importance to our customers. Logins are only invalidated (thus requiring you to login) whenever you log out of your account, log in from another browser or device, have been logged in for more than 365 days, or when Psychstudio deploys an update to the service. If you use just the one device for accessing Psychstudio and close your browser or tab rather than logging out of Psychstudio, then the number of times you need to log in will be minimal.

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