Psychstudio news - July 2020

This month we usher in a wealth of new features:


  • New "Record values and timestamps" event for trial components. This event type allows you to record values and timestamps without moving a trial forwards (e.g. capturing a sequence of keyboard and/or button presses and their actuation times).
  • New "Jump" event. This event type allow you to jump participants to any other part of the study (forwards and backwards).
  • New timeout events for trial procedures. This event type allows you to set whether a participant is moved on to the next procedure or next trial upon a timeout event.

Asset preload

Preloading study assets (such as audio, video and images) can be important for reaction time experiments in order to eliminate any lag or buffering caused by downloading assets on demand in real time. However, this is not necessary in many studies so we've added the option to turn preloading off.

Range sliders

Range sliders now have an optional "value" indicator.


Results now contain an extra section called "participant" which stores all participant-related data, including participant management data from 3rd parties such as Prolific and Positly.

Trials screen

  • New full height and width, dynamic resolution. This setting allows the trial screen to resize to the size of the participant's browser window. This setting is useful when you want to maximise the space available and it is not required that each participant see exactly the same layout.
  • New "Allow content to overflow screen cell?" setting for static-text and stimulus-text components. This allows you to eliminate scrollbars when you have variable length content (or a dynamic screen size). Your content will overflow the top and bottom of the cell (text remains centred in the cell).

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