Distribution settings

The distribution settings screen provides settings for activating and deactivating the study, managing participant access and managing collaborators on shared studies.

Activate and deactivate study

Studies can be activated and deactivated by toggling the Activate study / Deactivate study button located on the right hand side of the study tab bar.

Participant settings (participants tab)

The participant settings screen allows customization of how participants access the study, where participants are redirected to upon completion of the study, and other security related settings (e.g. bot detection).

Figure 1. Participant accessibility settings (Psychstudio)

Figure 1. Distribution settings (participants)

Study accessibility

Study accessibility can be set to either Public or Private. When study accessibility is set to Private, all participants need to log in using the set username and password. An example can be seen in (Figure 1).

Human participant verification

Enabling this setting (Figure 1) will present each participant with a simple cognitive task (approx 5 to 10 seconds duration) which they will need to complete before access to the study is granted. The task is a reCAPTCHA style challenge (courtesy of Google) which, when completed successfully, provides a very strong indicator that the participant is human.

Completion URL

Participants will be redirected to the web address supplied (Figure 1) upon completion of the study. This functionality is particularly useful for sending participants back to where they were directed to the study, or to send them on to the next step in whatever workflow is being executed. This feature is heavily used by participation recruitment services and crowdsourcing services. If left blank, participants will be redirected to the Psychstudio home page.

Collaborator settings (collaborators tab)

Studies can be shared with multiple users within Psychstudio allowing them to view and edit the study. Study owners (either the original creator or someone who has since been granted ownership) can invite others to collaborate on the study, invite others to take ownership of the study, and remove collaborators from the study. Study collaborators (those who do not own the study but do have collaborator access) can remove themselves from collaborators but are not permitted to invite others to collaborate or delete the study.

Inviting new collaborators (study owner only)

New collaborators can be invited to share your study by clicking Invite new collaborator (Figure 2). You will be presented with a form that requires the email address of your invitee and optional message. Invites are sent by email.

Transferring study ownership (study owner only)

Study ownership can be transferred to another user by clicking Transfer ownership (Figure 2). You will be presented with a form that requires the email address of your invitee and optional message. Invites are sent by email.

Removing collaborators (study owner only)

Collaborators can be removed from your study by selecting the collaborator(s) using the checkbox next to their name(s) and clicking Remove collaborators (Figure 2). Note: owners cannot remove themselves.

Figure 2. Collaborator screen (study owner view)

Figure 2. Collaborator screen (study owner view)

Removing yourself from study collaboration (study non-owners only)

Collaborators can remove themselves from a study by clicking Leave collaborators (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Collaborator screen (study non-owner view)

Figure 3. Collaborator screen (study non-owner view)