The feedback construct provides timed feedback for use in trial procedures to indicate whether a participant's response was correct or incorrect. Feedback relies on rules specified in trials logic and only occurs at the end of a trial procedure after either a response or a timeout.

Creating a feedback construct

Feedback constructs can be added to trial procedure timelines. Click New item, select Feedback from the type list and select one of the following creation options:

  • New: create a new feedback construct.
  • Copy: copy another feedback construct from the current study.
  • Clone (from a different trial): clone an existing feedback construct from another trial procedure.

Editing a feedback construct

Click anywhere along its row (Figure 1) to open the editor.

Figure 1. Open construct editor (Psychstudio)

Figure 1. Open construct editor

Editing timing

In edit mode, the timeout can be set to determine the duration feedback is presented.

Editing style

In edit mode, the following properties can be set for both correct and incorrect responses via the style table:

  • Type
  • Size
  • Color