The study list

When logging in, you will be greeted with a table of all your studies (Figure 1) shown in reverse chronological order (latest first), including information such as:

  • Total results: the number of results recorded for this study (i.e. the number of studies started).
  • Complete: the number of completed studies (i.e. the number of studies completed).
  • Incomplete: the number of incomplete studies. Some data was collected but the participant did not complete the study. Some of these results may or may not contain a complete dataset depending on where the participant abandoned the study.
  • Active: whether or not the study is currently active (thus allowing participants to do the study).

When you first sign-up to Psychstudio your study list will be empty so go ahead and hit New study and you'll soon be on your way.

Figure 1. Example study list (Psychstudio)

Figure 1. Example study list

Creating a new study

Click New study to create a new study. You can choose to start with a blank slate, to copy an earlier study or to import a study from the library.

Deleting a study

Studies can be deleted by selecting the the study using the checkbox and clicking Delete in the toolbar above the study list. You can also select and delete multiple studies at once.

Navigate to any of the studies in the list by clicking on its row.