A study may contain one or more sets of trials (or zero if it's a simple questionnaire). You can only create trials within a trial block.

The trials view panel contains a tab bar (Figure 1:1) containing three sub-views:
  • Timeline: temporal view of the trial and editing of logical order, style and timing of each construct within the trial.
  • Screen: spatial view of the visible trial constructs for editing screen layout and style.
  • Logic: rule editor for applying logic to each trial.

Figure 1. Trials tab bar

Figure 1. Trials tab bar

Creating a new set of trials

Trials can be added to trial block. Click New item, select Trials from the type list and select one of the following creation options:

  • New: create a new set of trials.
  • Copy: copy another trials set from the current study.
  • Import from library...: import a trial set from the library.
Note: A trial block can contain only one set of trials.